Vienna 2010

We get the train from Prague to Vienna as we are flying from Vienna to Bulgaria the next day. So we have one night there. The train takes 4 and a half hours and is a really nice journey. The train stops at a different station as the right was is being renovated. Instead of being in the centre of Vienna and just a few blocks from the hotel we appear to be out in the burbs somewhere. We get a taxi and it costs Euro35 which is around NZ$70. Ouch, the expensive west. We are booked into a reasonably expensive hotel and find that it is flash but there is no service and no smiles and no welcome. I think we got spoiled in Prague. We drag our suitcases to our room, wash some things then go out for a walk, it is late afternoon by this time. Just as we leave the hotel it starts to rain. Bah!

Later it stops raining and we go for a walk and to find something to eat. We can see some kind of funfair in the distance and head there to see where we end up. The funfair is the home of the Wiener Riesenrad a giant ferris wheel that features in The Third Man, the Orson Welles movie.


Wow, a real part of history! ah but the movie was fiction right? I also saw that someone is offering Third Man tours which involves a trip through the sewers.

The funfair is strange mix of the very old 


with the very new


and bizarrely a ride that is pulled by real horses


We eat in a restaurant, the menu looks good but the food was disgusting, it looked like they literally just opened packets and heated it up. Expensive, disinterested service and disappointing. I think I worked out that Prague is still new to tourism, keen for the money and appreciative of your custom. Vienna by contrast was smug and uninterested, it just seemed to accept your money a some kind of right.

The next day we get up early, take the taxi to the airport and find that although we have had our plane tickets for 4 months or more only one of us has a seat on the plane! I ask tghem to explain and they say that they have oversold the flight and there are not enough seats for the amount of tickets sold. Can you believe that? to add insult to injury they really were NOT interested if that caused you a problem. What was worse was that the other passenger that didn’t have a seat seemed to just accept it as normal. Long story short we did eventually as the last minute get seats on the plane. Arseholes, Air Austria. Glad to leave.