About Me


Ages back, I was living in a bach and a couple of caravans at a small settlement on the Pacific coast of the south island of New Zealand. A small piece of paradise called Birdlings Flat.

I was waiting for a house to be delivered by truck. The house arrived and so began the Hovel Improvement Program, now thankfully completed.

I am running solely on solar electricity and have just bought a solar hot water unit. I am off the grid but on the ball 🙂

Well I was but I am now selling up and moving up to Whangarei with my lovely Alison 🙂

The Blog is a record of the journey so far and a small number of diversions along the way.

I retire in 16 14 13 months 3weeks Woo Hoo!

I retired last Xmas and have never looked back, I thought it would be difficult but it surprised me just how easy it was to retire. Never work a day longer than you have to!

I am about to move up to Whangarei

This is now the Whangarei Blog called:

Your Friends In The North